ARCO 1500

Build your own 8 bit gaming console based on the Arduino platform

Blog / 20 July 2019 / by Michal Škoula

It All Started ...

… in 2018 when I was sure I want to create a game (finally!) but unsure about the platform to target. Instead of trying to target multiple platforms (Cordova, Corona, …), I’ve decided to create my own platform - physical game console. Since I was playing with Arduino (and even selling it on my e-shop), it was an easy decision - to create an open source game console.

So I put together Arduino UNO, breadboard and OLED and started working hard on it. First, it was just a mess of cables and a simple dot in the middle of display. I was (and still am) using the great U8G2 library

But I told a friend of mine (David - on the picture below!) and he created a library (simply called Gamelib), some silly games and even an emulator (simply called Not Emulator).

David trying out ARCO1500

He even came up with a name - ARCO 1500 is for ARduino COnsole M (1000) + D (500).

The development went (and still goes) with major and minor problems and currently I am struggling with creating and printing another version (better!) of 3D case.

Stay tuned!